*Premature Celebration Alert* - What in the wide world of Leon Lett is going on here?  Hamilton Tiger-Cats returner Chris Williams gets Don Beebe-ed.

It's always nice to see a hot-dog move by an athlete blow up in their face.  Chris Williams of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats returned a missed field goal 117 yards against the Montreal Alouettes on Saturday.  However, he celebrated too early and got tackled by Montreal linebacker Brian Ridgeway at the 1-yard line.  Hopefully, this will teach Williams not to be a bozo.  The Tiger-Cats ended up winning the game 39-24.

This play immediately made me think of Leon Lett's debacle in Super Bowl XXVII between the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills.  Leon Lett made a boneheaded play during the Cowboys' 52-17 decimation of the Bills by celebrating too early before returning a fumble that should have result in a 64-yard touchdown.  Instead, Lett returned the fumble 63 yards when a hustling Don Beebe knocked the ball out of his right hand at the 1-yard line.  Whoops.  Enjoy both videos below.  By the way, I have to give props to Dick Enberg for being all over the Lett-Beebe scenario in the video at the bottom.

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