It's been an interesting week for the artist formerly known as Chad Ochocinco. First the artist currently known as Chad Johnson gets in trouble with the Dolphins for using a bit too much profanity during the shooting of Hard Knocks, now he has been arrested for alleged domestic violence against his wife Evelyn Lozada.

Man, this guy just got done blowing a golden opportunity in New England to play with the best quarterback in the AFC, with one of the best coaches in league history, and in one of the great organizations in the game these days by not being able to maintain focus on the one thing he is supposed to do: playing football.

Now, if these allegations are true (obviously these sorts of criminal matters aren't heard and judged in a night), he may well have ruined a chance just to stay in the league.

Think about it, the Patriots felt he brought nothing to the table, and the Dolphins already warned him THIS VERY WEEK that he needed to conduct himself more appropriately so as to make the organization look good. He failed that test conclusively. That is how you get yourself passed over in the National Football League. We could be seeing the end of Chad Johnson in the NFL.