Chad Johnson/Ochocinco has a very unique strategy to getting to know his new surroundings in and around New England.

Chad is stating that he will move in with a lucky fan for the first few weeks of the season. He needs to get to know the area and what better way then to live with a local. He hasn’t decided how he is going to pick the lucky fan, but he has stated what he is looking for in his new roommate. He has to have internet, and Xbox…… that’s it, that’s all he is looking for.

You know now in Patriots country Xbox 360’s are selling like hot cakes. They can’t keep them in stock, everyone wants Johnson/Ochocinco crashing on their couch for the next month/month and half. I get it, I really do. I want to buy an Xbox and put an ad up on Craigslist and try to get this guy living with me. I would be getting his cast off ladies, and he would get to play Xbox and eat my Frosted Flakes. I can’t wait till Chad picks some rich guy with a giant guest house, and ever joe blow realizes that he doesn’t want to share their studio apartment.