We went big this month, folks. Sean and I were checking out the Lia Infiniti showroom over on Rt. 9 in Latham and the QX80 was just calling out to use for a test drive. You can't be in a room with this vehicle and not be impressed. We asked Steve Coons, the Lia Infiniti GM, if we could take one for a spin and, of course, he delivered. Let me get right to the point: the QX80 lives up to the hype. It's as comfortable as you can imagine. If you spend a lot of time in a vehicle, this is how you want to spend the time.

All you fans of Onorato & Bagnardi know that Sean loves the Nets and right now they look like the big winners in this year's wild NBA free agency. Sure, since we filmed, Kawhi signed with the Clippers, adding an unexpected challenger to the mix, but landing Kevin Durant - hurt or not - makes them the winner by default.

We don't know when Durant will be back, but even if he loses a step he's one of the best players in the league. Combine that with Kyrie Irving and you have a winning team on your hands. With Kawhi out of the Eastern Conference now, who will give them a run in the playoffs?

The other big news this July is decided local. It's time for the track to open. 104.5 The Team will be up there during this season's extended meet and I'm expecting this to be a great year to be at the track. Sean and I couldn't help but notice the QX80 is the perfect vehicle for a day up in Saratoga. It's got space for your whole family, whatever you're bringing with you, and the ride is unbelievably smooth. I'm serious - this is probably the smoothest ride I've ever experienced in a vehicle.

If you're ready for an upgrade with all-wheel drive, check out Lia Infiniti — the exclusive dealer for Infiniti in the Capital Region — on Route 9 in Latham, about a mile north of the Latham circle. Tell them Onorato & Bagnardi sent you!