We have yet to feature a fan as our play of the week, but this Reds fan had himself a nice stroke of luck.  He pulled in two home run balls in one game.


When you attend a baseball game there is always that slight chance that you will take home a one of a kind souvenir.  How about instead of one of a kind, you get two?  It's not likely, but one Cincinnati Reds fan got the chance at two home run balls during Monday night.

The chances of that fan getting one more in his lifetime aren't all that likely, so to end up with two in one shot is pretty impressive.  The baseball gods must have been smiling down on him.  According to the YouTube comments on the video, he gave the first ball back to Mike Leake because it was his first career homer.  The second home run ball he gave to the friend that bought him the ticket to the game.

Just one of the many reasons we love this game called baseball.

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