The Clemson Tigers football program won the national championship last week over the Alabama Crimson Tide 35-31. The national championship victory was the first for the Tigers in over three decades. The National Championship Defensive MVP was Tigers' linebacker Ben Boulware. Just a week after Boulware's impressive performance in title game, he tweeted this above picture of his new tattoo. Why did Boulware get the national championship trophy tattooed on his Achilles' Heel? According to Boulware's Twitter account, it was in direct reference to ESPN's own Desmond Howard's evaluation of the Tigers' linebackers following a match up with the Florida State Seminoles. Here is what Howard said below

"Defensively, when I watch Dalvin Cook Florida State's running back do...and he is an elite running back and there is no doubting that. He is a special talent. But they (Clemson) are supposed to have a special defense, I think their Achilles' Heel may be their linebackers. They are good straight ahead but as far as east and west goes, sideline to sideline, Dalvin Cook turned the corner whenever he wanted to against that defense. I  need to see the linebackers play a little bit better from Clemson, too."

What are your thoughts on Boulware's tattoo? Let us know below.



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