Yesterday, at Opening Ceremonies (formerly known as Media Day), I reconnected with New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. Last year at the Opening Ceremony, Coach Patricia and I had a conversation that ranged from Super Bowl 51 to Syracuse area high school sports.



This year, things were a bit different. Here was the crowd surrounding Coach Patrica this year.



No doubt, this year’s crowd was much larger around Coach Matt Patricia because of his likelihood to take the still vacant head coaching job with the Detroit Lions. The media session wrapped up and I waited by to catch up with Coach. Here is the audio below.

(8:48 mark)

(Hear it live at 5:15pm at

I was thrilled that Coach remembered me from last year. “Solvay” as he called me in the clip, wanted to know why I did not come visit him. Are you rooting for the RPI graduate to win one more Super Bowl title again this season? Let us know below.

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