Earlier this week on 104.5 The Team, UAlbany Great men's basketball coach Josh Pelletier joined the show. The former La Salle High School and The College of Saint Rose stand out joined the show to discuss his path back to UAlbany throughout his coaching career. Could Coach have actually been a better football player than a basketball player? What does this season's UAlbany team look like? How many changes are still on the way? How, if at all, does the new transfer rule continue to change. To listen to the complete interview with Coach Pelletier, click on the link below.

As an expecting first time to be father, Coach's story helped me become more familiar with the process and thankfully put my wife at a bit more ease. I hope it does the same for the expecting fathers as well.

To read about Coach Pelletier's story with his family follow the link here

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