Cohoes Police Officer Makes Daring Deer Rescue on Thin Ice.  Watch the Video Below...

I'm sure if you asked Cohoes police office, Mathew Putnam, if he's a hero, he'd probably (very humbly I might add) just tell you that he was doing his job.  But this is some next-level stuff here and it's not only because he braved icy waters of an Upstate NY pond to save a trapped deer, but it's also how quickly and efficiently he got on the ice, risking his own safety.

Photo: Screengrab from WNYT Twitter
Photo: Screengrab from WNYT Twitter

Video shows a  police officer in Cohoes making a daring rescue after a deer became trapped on thin ice over the weekend.

The video was captured by an onlooker and was quickly shared by News Channel 13.

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In the video, you can see officer Putnam struggling a bit to get the deer off the slippery surface of Van Schaick Island Pond at the Winter Carnival celebration on Saturday.

A similar situation happened last month when a police officer in Upstate New York trapped a dog on thin ice.

Bodycam video shows a police officer in Upstate New York sprinting to save a dog trapped in an icy lake.  Watch how he navigated the thin ice to return the pup safely to its owners by clicking the link here. 

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