While I can't wait for kickoff today at noon eastern I am a bit sad as well. Even though my old buddy College Football hasn't left yet for it's annual hibernation I am starting to miss it. Oh sure there are a number of games today but not the number I like. While some would argue it's over saturated I can't get enough of it. I love 7-9 games on at 1 time all day and all night. So addicted am I to my pal College Football that if high profile games turn into 1 sided affairs I can easily watch a game from the WAC or the MAC and enjoy that as well. Scoff if you will but watching a good game between a New Mexico and Nevada is great fun for me. Sure the big dogs of College football are the attention getters and the main focus but if those games aren't compelling it's fun to watch a Northwestern take on Minnesota. Yes I am addicted to College Football Saturdays. Truth be told while I love pro ball as well College Football is my biggest pleasure. I love the Jets more then any college team but I love college ball more then the NFL in total. I have made my case for the BCS many times and while it has a few wrinkles overall the thought that every game in the regular season means something seperates College Football from any other sport.

There are a slew of big ballgames today starting with the SEC Title game. I like LSU. Sure Georgia is playing great ball having won 10 in a row but the Tigers are playing even better then that. They are taking teams to the cleaners week after week. Some question LSU's motivation for today's game-I don't.. A perfect season on the line and perhaps discussion of the best team in the last 20-30 years seems like good motivation to me. The Conference USA title game is huge. Houston looks for their 1st BCS bowl bid but faces a stout challenge in the Eagles of Southern Miss. I like Houston clooooooose. The 1st ever Big 10 championship game is a rematch of a classic. Michigan State needed a hail Mary to defeat Wisconsin a few weeksd back and derail Wiscy's national title hopes. Good QB matchup in this contest.Kirk Cousins vs Russell Wilson.The winner takes on Oregon in the Rose Bowl. MSU is a big underdog.Why I am not sure but think MSU will spin the upset. We have Bedlam today in Stillwater between Okl St and Okl..The boomer Sooners have won 8 straight in this "rivalry". I say that because Oklahoma is 81-17 vs Okie St. hmm that sounds like a annual right of passage not a rivalry. We have big  games in the Big East. Will West Virginia get the help they need to make the BCS bowl they crave.

Bottom line while the BCS system isn't perfect thanks to the BCS we have many big games today that will decide BCS bowls and other good bowl slots. So on this next to last Saturday of College Football while I can't wait for the games to kick off I already miss my old friend..