The college football playoff committee has released their first rankings of the season and already there is some debate over their selections. The most surprising ranking for most involves the number four and five position. The Texas A&M Aggies from the SEC ranked fourth, one spot higher than the Pac 12's Washington Huskies. The Huskies are undefeated this season while the Aggies have one loss to the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. The college football playoff will again pit the one ranked team in the country against the fourth highest team in one semi final match up. In the opposing match up the second and third ranked team will take the field with the winner advancing to the national title game. This year's semi final match ups will take place in Atlanta (Peach Bowl) and Fiesta Bowl (Glendale) on December 31st. The national champion game will be played on January 9th in Tampa Bay. Below is the committee's initial poll. Let us know where you believe the committee made their biggest mistakes.

1 Alabama

2 Clemson

3 Michigan

4 Texas A&M

5 Washington

6 Ohio State

7 Louisville

8 Wisconsin

9 Auburn

10 Nebraska

11 Florida

12 Penn State

13 LSU

14 Oklahoma

15 Colorado

16 Utah

17 Baylor

18 Oklahoma State

19 Virginia Tech

20 West Virginia

21 North Carolina

22 Florida State

23 Western Michigan

24 Boise State

25 Washington State