If there was ever an athlete that may need to get back to his sport it has to be UFC/MMA star Conor McGregor. McGregor has had nothing but trouble since his last UFC fight, well to be honest he was no stranger to trouble when he was fighting but it seems to be far worse now that he has free time on his fists. The latest run in with the law has been reported by TMZ Sports. Apparently McGregor "sucker punched" an older man over a free shot of his Proper 12 Whiskey.

From the looks of the video, Conor buys a round of his Proper 12 whiskey for the bar. The older man that he eventually punches appears to turn down the free shot at least twice before McGregor hits him with his famous left hand. This happened in April and there's no criminal charges at this time even though the punch was reported to Irish authorities and they did open an investigation.

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