At some point trainer Bob Baffert needs to be held accountable. At some point he needs to take responsibility for repeated failed drug tests to his horses, the latest being Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit. Yes, we will wait for another sample, but if another sample produces a failed test, then Baffert should be dealt a severe penalty and not just a slap on the wrist. I like Baffert, he’s been great for the game, but at some point his name and Hall of Fame resume just doesn’t matter anymore.

Tim Wilkin will be at the Preakness Stakes this Saturday and has insight on this situation. Make sure to listen to the whole interview above and see the highlights below:

  • This is a huge black eye for horse racing and this is not the first time of course with Bob Baffert. It has happened a few times before with Justify as well as Charlton and Gamine last year. This is going to test the integrity of this game.
  • Right now Baffert's horses Medina Spirit and Concert Tour are headed to Baltimore so without a decision on whether or not Baffert can run at Pimlico, it makes things up in the air for Saturday.
  • On top of that, the same group that runs Pimlico also runs San Anita so if they ban Bob Baffert, you would assume that San Anita would do the same and Bob Baffert is San Anita as it is his home base.
  • Baffert will not be at the Preakness at all. He will be back home in California.
  • Lastly, was Baffert set up? Is that possible? Wilkin answers that above saying basically, unless he is a great actor he was genuinely shocked by this.

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