I've been wrong once or maybe even twice since I started hosting an afternoon drive sports talk show. Some will say it's more than that but they must have misheard me. One thing I think I need to completely change my opinion on is Major League Baseball pitcher Trevor Bauer. His personality and dominance on the pitching mound this season was both entertaining and impresses but the thing I might have got the most wrong was his love of drones. Drones could be the answer to sports fans everywhere getting back into stadiums to enjoy the games we love way faster.

Currently with the Cincinnati Reds Bauer has gone from "Weird and unlikeable" to "fun and must-see". When the eclectic pitcher was with the Cleveland Indians he suffered a drone-related injury to his finger that landed him 10 stitches and kept him from pitching game two of the 2016 ALCS. If you recall I had a field day with the then 25-year-old hurler. Even going as far as to call him "Drone Boy". Well now not only do I feel like I like and want to see more of Bauer but I am becoming a huge drone fan. The Atlanta Falcons organization is using drones to sanitize the Mercedes Benz dome faster and more efficiently.

If drones become the answer to all of us enjoying live sports in person again or even any live event, I will feel like I wrongly vilified Trevor Bauer and might even have to start looking for a drone of my own!

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