The second most viewed story on 104.5 The Team in 2020 was this story from late November. Levack suggested that Eli Manning may be option for the New York Giants. The G-Men lost Daniel Jones to an injury as they led the NFC East in early December. Did the Giants make a mistake not doing this? Find out what Levack thought about the move last month below. 

The New York Giants are currently in first place in the NFC East but reports are they're about to lose starting quarterback Daniel Jones for "some time" for what our friend Jordan Ranaan hears is a "Pretty bad" hamstring injury. How confident are you in the Giants offense's ability to move the ball with Colt McCoy under center? They don't even have a third-string QB listed on their depth chart. Should Big Blue pick up the phone and call Eli Manning to see if he'd be interested in returning?

I'm betting half of you that are seeing this right now are thinking "ABSOLUTELY NOT" and cursing me BUT the other half are at least interested in the possibility. Let me make the case for calling Eli. First off at 39 and well-rested he's legit the best option in free agency. I just did a quick scan and saw names like Cody Kessler, Joe Webb, and Paxton Lynch. How about giving him one more chance to play under a solid head coach like Joe Judge. So basically you need to name someone to the QB depth chart and I don't see anyone better than Eli at the moment. Plus wouldn't it be awesome if this played out like when Herm Edwards called Vinny Testaverde in 2005 to lead the Jets? Sure that wasn't a good team but it was a great story.

The argument against the return of Eli is easy, he retired and wasn't really himself for a few seasons before he hung it up. Even though Eli is one of the toughest and most reliable QBs in the history of the NFL with COVID-19 protocols and the monumental changes to the Giants organization since he took his last snaps in 2019 he's not a good fit anymore.

The verdict from me is if Manning says he's in shape and wants to give it a swing, I go for it. Worst case it's a fun story like the aforementioned Vinny Testaverde. However, the best case is he stirs the echos and wins a game or two before Daniel Jones returns.

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