I am happy for the New York Giants and their fans as they finally have a little something to celebrate with winning back to back games and having Tommy DeVito as their starting quarterback.  It's a cool story as he lives at home with his parents and has a great touchdown celebration.  But at times I feel like it feels like a little too much.  Below is my quick take on this as seen on the Times Union:

New York Giants fans better not fall too much in love with third string quarterback Tommy DeVito because he won't be the starter in 2024 that role will belong to Daniel Jones. DeVito has the Giants on a two-game winning streak and it's easy to like the Jersey kid who still lives at home with his parents who sit in Section 109 at MetLife Stadium and cheer their sons every move. DeVito is a great story.  But the reality is the Giants gave Jones a 4-year $160 million extension and he won't sit the bench when he's ready to return. Enjoy DeVito mania because it won't last beyond the rest of this season.

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New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
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The Giants have a bye week here in week 13 and can stay happy for a little while longer.  You do wonder however if DeVito beating both the Commanders and Patriots hurts their chances of getting a stud QB in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft.  At least Giant fans can be happy for now but it won't last as this has been a brutally frustrating season for the Giants organization as a whole.

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