Rock out with your what out, Cuba?  Cuba Gooding Jr. does a very interesting impression of Allen Iverson's famous "practice" rant.


Cuba Gooding Jr. visited SportsCenter on Thursday to promote his new movie, "Red Tails."  Cuba was doing impressions of some sports figures.  He recreated the Herm Edwards, "Hello, you play to win the game," rant.  Among other impressions, he also recreated Allen Iverson's famous "practice" rant

Cuba got a little crazy with the ending of his Allen Iverson impression.  First, he took us to church when he randomly started yelling, "Can I get an Amen?"  He also said, "Hallelujah, Jesus."  Then his impression took another turn.  Cuba started to say, "Rock out with your c*** out."  He caught himself before it was a full-blown, easily-identifiable c-word.  Barely. 

This was the most random impression I've ever seen.  It started off well, then it got religious, and then it got non-religious.  I give props to Linda Cohn.  She didn't miss a beat.  She did a great job of moving right past the near slip.  Great stuff.  ESPN should invite Cuba Gooding Jr. back to SportsCenter more often.

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