Earlier this week, Levack and Goz were joined by Executive Producer & Writer of Vice TV's Dark Side Of The Ring, Evan Husney. Dark Side Of The Ring (as Husney explains below) is a television show chronicling some of the most controversial figures, moments, and more in professional wrestling history. Season 1 is available to watch on demand on Vice TV and includes stories on the Montreal Screwjob, Miss Elizabeth and more. To hear the complete interview with Evan Husney discussing season and previewing season two click on the link below

Season 2 of Dark Side of the Ring premieres on Vice TV at 9pm on Tuesday March 24th as they tell the story of wrestler Chris Benoit. You can watch Part 1 of the episode below.

Plus each season two episode will be followed by a weekly recap show at 11pm. Have you watched Dark Side Of The Ring? Are you looking forward to season two? Let us know below

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