21-years ago today, Derek Jeter was being named AL Rookie of the Year. Now after the 41-year old is a year out of retirement, and we aren't talking about his leaps into the stand nor his amazing flip to Jorge Posada in the World Series. Today we are in awe at the diamond engagement ring that Jeter proposed with to his future wife model Hannah Davis. You can see Davis was sporting it at the CMA awards last night

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

Now I'm not as caught up on diamonds on fingers, as I am with the one the New York Yankees play at. I do know that there's something about color,clarity,cut, and I'm missing some other one, but who cares? That is the definition of a Derek Jeter ring. It's probably the best one in the room, and has an it factor that no one else's can touch, but still goes incognito. It's what I call the captain's way.

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