As more alleged disturbing details come out about the relationship between Dolphins offensive linemen Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, questions begin to arise as to how far is too far when it comes to hazing.

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Reports indicate that Incognito sent racially charged voicemails and text messages to Martin.

Former New York Giants tight end Derek Brown knows what it’s like to be hazed. During his playing career in the NFL, Brown took a ribbing his rookie season with the Giants.

“When I played, it was all about fun. It wasn’t humiliating or derogatory,” said Brown, with Armen Williams on 104.5 The Team, Monday afternoon. “Paying for drinks, paying for the limo, it was things like that. It was camaraderie. It was not to belittle you. The worst I got is taped to the goalpost and dunked in the cold tank, that was it.”

Brown detailed a story in which he was in charge of providing the entire team with doughnuts during his first year. His teammates went as far as to naming a specific place that they wanted the food, even on the road.

The Notre Dame alumnus talked about how he had to go into a Burger King on a Saturday morning one time and get 200 breakfast croissant sandwiches.

There’s another allegation that indicates Incognito had Martin give him $15,000 so that he could go on a trip to Las Vegas.

“If you’re going out for a night and have to spend $2 grand, that’s one thing,” said Brown. “I’ve spent $900 bucks for catering breakfast. But $15 grand is a little much, even with today’s dollars.”

Reports of the Martin-Incognito situation have only begun. Martin left the team to take a personal leave of absence last week after an incident with Incognito in the team’s cafeteria.

On Sunday evening, the Dolphins suspended Incognito indefinitely. Head coach Joe Philbin said it, “was the appropriate action”.

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