So now, blowhard Keith Olbermann is the "source" starting the Alex Rodriguez to the Miami Marlins trade rumors. I wonder if Benedict Arnold started a rumor if the lame media would chase after that.

In case you missed it, the media was in a frenzy yesterday over the "rumor" that the Yanks would deal A-Rod to Miami in a huge package of players and money transfer. The same media ran around and got people in a frenzy just a few weeks back when some clown started the Robinson Cano failed a steroid test rumor. That "journalist" later apologized. We can wait for death before Olbermann will do the same.

If the Yankees even had a sniff of being able to deal the joke known as A-Rod they would be on it fast. I doubt any team would be dumb enough to deal for Rodriguez. This is a guy that, in addition to being a steroid cheat, we now know was more interested in picking up some hotties than supporting his team during game one of the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers. So concerned about his ball club, and so distraught over being yanked from the game, the liar and phony Rodriguez started to hit on two women sitting close to field level. Yeah, I am sure teams are dying to acquire this rot from the Yanks.

For a moment let's play "let's break down this rumor." Yeah, the Marlins after their brutally bad season are going to send the Yankees a package of players for the fraud A-Rod including Josh Johnson, the tall and talented right hander who is still recovering from arm surgery two years ago. Yeah, I don't think so.

If Brian Cashman, General Manager of the Yankees can unload the waste and selfishness of Rodriguez he will, but it will cost the Yankees to the tune of $100 million as the Yankees will have to eat almost the entire contract the Bombers are saddled with for the next five years (five years left, $114 million).

In addition, the Yankees would have to pay big money for the salaries of the returning players. This totally goes against the stated mission of having the payroll around $190 million by 2014. If the Yankees could acquire players with expiring contracts then this might be doable, but doubtful. Remember A-Rod also has the ability to turn down any deal.

Yes, he lives in the Miami area and was a hero in the region many years ago. However, that was before the steroids and fake stats he has compiled. The Marlins have enough problems with their manager and other things. It is very doubtful they want another headache, and Rodriguez is a migraine!

So, bored media, you keep reading Olbermann's blog. You look like the fools but, hey, what else is new?

Okay, I am going to start a rumor and let's see if the clown media will chase after this. Here is the rumor, run for it media. The Yankees are talking to the Mets and the trade on the table is this: Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera plus Robinson Cano for Frank Francisco and Jason Bay. Go chase, media and let me know what the parties involved have to say.