During #ArmenAndLevacks NFL Training Camp Tour at the New York Giants, they were joined by second year linebacker Devon Kennard. He will be one of the key players hoping to push the Giants over the hump, and back into the playoffs.

Kennard understand that there's a sense of urgency in the Giants locker room, and a lot of pressure has been put on the team from leaders such as Jon Beason, who is returning from another injury plagued season.  Beason has been the rock for this defense without JPP,

"He’s the leader on the defense and just the tenacity he brings to the game and the attention to detail. I’m a guy who watches everything he’s doing and how he approaches the game and how he does things. He has accomplished some things that I hope to one day accomplish and I look up to that. " Kennard said when speaking about Beason.

With defensive coordinator Steve Spagnola back for his second spell, this defense will look to get back to that physical presence it brought during its Super Bowl era.