It's no secret that Alex Rodriguez is not the most morally upstanding guy in baseball, but he has allegedly stooped to a new low, as he and his inner circle, now stand accused of leaking documents that linked Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun and Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli to Biogenesis. In other words, Alex Rodriguez may have snitched on his own teammate to avoid a lifetime ban from baseball.

While A-Rod's lawyers have denied any such allegations, the court of public opinion certainly won't defend him in the same way given the fact that he has already lied about his rampant use of performance enhancing drugs.

If this is true, there wouldn't be a clubhouse on Earth that would want to see Rodriguez in it, given that any trust he could ever have with his teammates would be gone. If A-Rod is willing to sell out his teammates as steroid users, getting them suspended in the process, to save face, what wouldn't he do to a teammate to save himself from harm?

Meanwhile, A-Rod still denies any connection to Anthony Bosch of the Biogenesis clinic, as well as any use of performance enhancing drugs. Needless to say, denials of those two issues don't exactly help his credibility in this case.

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