One of the coolest things we get to do here at 1045 The Team is, help out with worthy causes like Make A Wish. Goz and I got that opportunity back in March when UAlbany Baseball coach Jon "Bam Bam" Mueller let us help him grant the wish of Evan Franz from Brunswick who's wish was to go to the Boston Red Sox Spring Training. It was great to meet Evan even if he is a Red Sox fan but now we're in the Make a Wish Holiday campaign commercial and I'm afraid that might scare off some donations!

Relive the great back and forth between us and Evan HERE. I know what you're wondering, since Evan's wish was granted in early March of this year "did he get to go to Spring Training?" The answer is yes! Evan had a blast and even shared this picture of himself with "Lego Big Papi" because he knows what "BIG FAN" I am of Papi.

Evan and Lego Papi

Here's the full reacp of Evan's Wish coming true.

If you see the joy Make A Wish was able to bring to a great kid like Evan and weren't turned off by Levack and Goz being in the commercial, you can help grant wishes for these great kids HERE!

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