Each Thursday at 4pm we bring you the segment called Socially Awkward Media. The segment that spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms.

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Did you facebook posts or tweets make the cut? Find out below



Lynee-Hey Lynne, can you step out of this shot?? Or at least smile and pose for it?? No?? Ok...then look as strange as you can and then I’ll post it” -Goz


T.H.-Tom Brady is going home to SF. He will be a back up to Jimmy G and play for next nothing.


Fred-who have they played to be 7-0, check the combined won loss record of the teams.


Jesse- LOL


Geo Daddy-Knicks need to sit Willis Reed and play Jerry Lucas in the 5


Dr. Mantis Tobaggan-Live “Sportcenter” sponsored by Hooters on all you can eat wings night and interview fans of the show about topics... I’m not a genius but I’ve been called such. #makeithappenplease


Joe-Will there be beer?


Mr.BSmith-How about 60 bucks and a 30 pack?


Jason-I'd get on a bus with Levack to watch an AFL game.


Marcus-I see a hold out for Jeff. I support Jeff in this decision


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