As the 2015 Yankees get set to take the field, they will be doing so with a new man at shortstop.

Gone is Derek Jeter, one of the game's best icons, and in is 25-year-old Didi Gregorius.

Gregorius may not capture the fans of New York like Jeter did, but defensively speaking, he's better than the "Captain" had been for the last decade.

“Didi is unbelievable, as good a shortstop as I’ve seen,” first baseman Mark Teixeira told Fox Sports. “And I’m not overexaggerating.”

“[Gregorius] has made plays from the hole, from his back foot, throwing the ball 90 mph across the diamond from his back foot. You don’t see that. It also makes it a lot easier for your third baseman to play third base," Alex Rodriguez said.

A-Rod also used high level baseball scouting lingo when describing the strength of accuracy of Gregorius' arm.

Having a reliable, everyday shortstop of his caliber will help the Yankees do different things defensively. His range and arm will allow the rest of the infield to shift in certain ways because they know Gregorius can get to certain balls that other shortstops can't.

The Yanks open up on April 6 against the Blue Jays.

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