Today's the day! Rex Ryuan and the Buffalo Bills need to put up or shut up. You beat the New England Patriots in Foxboro without Tom Brady. Well now the Big Bad Pats are coming to your house and Tom Brady is leading the charge. Wait! It gets worse! The Bills are without Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy. Thee two most dynamic offensive weapons on the roster are out and they're not the only ones. The Bills roster is basically the walking wounded. TE Charles Clay, DE Marcell Dareus and WR Robert Woods are all on the Injury Report.

All of that being said, ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!!! I'm not calling for a Bills win but I think this will be closer than people think. The Bills are a proud team and they hate the PAtriots more than I do. Look for a great effort from the Bills and maybe just maybe a miracle win. Which would make them the first team in the Tom Brady era to get the regular season sweep of the Pats.