Doug Collins checkered coaching career has taken yet another turn. The guy who never stays longer then 3 years, or looking at it another way, the guy who burns out fast and burns his team out fast is packing and leaving another gig, after lasting just 3 years.

Collins reportedly told Philadelphia he is resigning as head coach after this disappointing season comes to a conclusion on Wednesday.

This shouldn't shock anyone. Collins has never lasted past 3 years at any coaching stop. Not Chicago. Not Detroit. Not Washington. Now not Philly.

Funny thing though. Unlike other short termers Collins never wins anything. He goes to a new place, loses more then he wins, then leaves. I have never understood the allure of Collins coaching.

At Chicago with a young Michael Jordan, Collins record in 3 years was 137-109. Out the door he went. At Detroit 6 years later he lasted only 3 years and went 121-88. Out the door he went. Collins later resurfaced after his friend, Jordan, begged him to comeback and return with MJ the player. He lasted 2 years and went 74-90. Now after sitting in the TV booth for 7 years Collins is 109-119 with the rest of this season to be played.

In fairness to Collins this season is not much his fault. Philly traded Andre Iguodala before the year in a 3 team deal that saw the 76ers land center Andrew Bynum. Bynum has not played 1 game for Philadelphia. Philly also lost Lou Williams to free agency to Atlanta.

Ironically Collins son, Chris, is starting his coaching career, landing as the new head coach of Northwestern University.

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