I was absolutely stunned when I found out on Thursday morning that Dan Hurley might be leaving UConn for the Los Angeles Lakers.  He has just won back to back national championships and completely dominated college basketball the last few years.  Obviously everybody has a price and the reported offer is way more than he is currently getting at UConn.  You wonder how UConn would feel if he left.  Below is our quick take on this as seen in The Times Union:

Dan Hurley is thinking about leaving UConn to become the next head coach of Los Angeles Lakers. Hurley better think long and hard about going to the NBA because it's a different game where the Superstar players run the show and no coach is safe. The Lakers are run by LeBron James and it's a veteran team and that's a gamble for Hurley who says he does want to coach someday in the NBA. If you're going to leave the palace you built you better, make sure you know what you're in for and that's the decision that Hurley is weighing because it's not about the money he's got plenty of that.

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Dan Hurley is a great coach and I think he will very successful at the next level but the question becomes will his strong personality mesh well with the current cast of plyers on the Lakers, which includes Anthony Davis and LeBron James.  LeBron has sung the praises of Coach Hurley and you wonder if he recruited him to LA.  Either way Dan Hurley has a big decision in the coming days.

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