We continue our trip down memory lane with forme Albany Empire players on Monday with the AFL's all-time and single-season Sack leader Joe Sykes. Sykes was one of the first players from the Albany Empire to come in studio with Levack and Goz and right away we knew we liked him. It was almost immediately clear that Joe was one of those players that "flipped the switch" when he was on the field but was super nice off the field. Where is Joe now and is football still in his future?

Joe Sykes is now a proud resident of the Capital Region. Sykes and his fiance Brittany Burnham (who he proposed to at the Times Union Center during a game) welcomed a daughter and are happily raising a family together here. Brit is the owner of "Hiit It With Brit." Which if you went to the Empire games you know they sponsored the "518 Force" promo team that worked the on-field events with Goz and me.

Sykes says there's a chance his football career continues as a mentor or possibly as a coach but he's not leaving his family to play elsewhere. IT's always great to catch up with Joe and see what he's working on but when he offers to train me or even arm wrestle I might need to tap out lol. Listen below to hear the scenario that could see Joe Sykes return to the football field as a player.

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