This Ethiopian steeplechaser didn't just hit the hurdle and tumble over it.  He got straight-up rejected by the hurdle.  Take a look.

Man, these steeplechase hurdles don't have a whole lot of give to them.  Birhan Getahun is the name of the Ethiopian steeplechaser who got denied by an extremely stubborn hurdle during Round 1 of the Men's 3000M Steeplechase on Friday morning.  The only thing missing was the hurdle doing a finger wag like Dikembe Mutombo after Getahun was denied.

The crowd started cheering when Birhan Getahun tried to finish the race.  He was unable to finish and was actually taken off the track in a wheelchair.  Let me try to be diplomatic when I say the following; Weak!  Lame!  Horrid!  (Tact isn't my specialty).  Getahun was able to put weight on his right leg.  He should've hopped across the finish line.  He would've, at least, finished the race and possibly become an Olympic hero.  Instead, he wheeled off into the land of the unknown.  Weak.

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