We had some big moments in Major League Baseball this season, but only one moment could be called the best and that honor goes to the Tampa Bay Rays and Evan Longoria for his big walk off homer against the Yankees in the final game of the season.


It was the moment that sent the Rays into the 2011 playoffs.  This past September may be one of the most memorable in MLB history.  The Braves and Red Sox had such epic collapses that most of them would probably like to forget it, but the Tampa Bay Rays finished the season in such dramatic fashion it is worthy of the best moment of the year.

ESPN.com's Jim Caple has been counting down the best and worst baseball moments of 2011 and gives the best moment to the Rays, and it's fitting.  Sure you have a few no hitters and Jeter's 3,000th hit but the drama and suspense of the 12 inning battle on the final day of the regular season between the Rays and Yanks is what baseball is all about.  It's what September is all about.  Evan Longoria will be a hero in Tampa Bay forever with that walk off home run.

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