Many Major League Baseball players wear some form of necklace while they're playing in a game, and some will even sport multiple necklaces around their neck at once. Some necklaces have religious symbols on them, while others have symbols that represent family, friends or something related to the game of baseball.

One such necklace, which was worn by New York Yankees' utility man Oswaldo Cabrera on Tuesday night, had something on it that we'd honestly never seen before, and fans were quick to point the oddity out online.

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New York Yankees' Utility Player Sports Bizarre Necklace; Fans React Online

Yankees' youngster Oswaldo Cabrera was spotted during Tuesday's New York Yankees' game wearing a truly unique piece of jewelry around his neck. The YES Network broadcast was able to deduce what he was wearing, and I can imagine that no one expected the answer that we were ultimately given.

Check this out, from YES:

Naturally, baseball fans from around the country had a lot to say about Cabrera's unique fashion choice:

Wednesday night, we finally received a bit more context from Cabrera as to why he was sporting his grandmother's tooth on a necklace. Here's the answer we were looking for, via YES Network:

The entire thing is hilarious. Cabrera wearing a tooth around his neck is harming absolutely no one, yet it's so unique and odd that everyone felt compelled to weigh in with their own opinion about it.

Hopefully, Cabrera's tooth necklace can bring the Yankees luck, and doesn't...bite the end.

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