For anyone who ever pays attention to the articles I usually put together for this website, you are very aware that it is extremely rare for me to post a video and that I usually only write about news stories. However, when something as awesome as this occurs, I willingly make an exception.

Earlier tonight before the drop of the puck between the Boston Bruins and the Buffalo Sabres at TD Garden in Boston, the first sporting event to take place since the Boston Marathon bombings on Monday, Rene Rancourt stepped onto the ice for his usually amazing rendition of our National Anthem. But once he began to sing, what happened next was remarkable:

Because of all the sporting events I have attended in my short time on Earth, some would say I have grown immune to most performances of the National Anthem and even critical to a certain degree. But once in a blue moon, the goosebumps and the emotions begin to flood back to me, like the memories of loved ones who have passed away. These hockey fans did just that for me, and because of their immense showing of patriotism, I tip my cap and thank them for showing the true meaning of #BostonStrong in this time of tremendous mourning and sorrow.

United we stand, divided we fall - God Bless America!