Former New York Giants punting great Dave Jennings sadly has succumbed to Parkinson's disease. Jennings was only 61 years old but had been suffering from the disease for a number of years.

Jennings certainly made his mark in his home city. Born in New York City, Jennings made his name with both New York football teams.

Primarily Jennings was the Giants great punter, on really bad football teams. Jennings was like a marksman when it came to coffin corner kicks and keeping the ball away from dangerous return men. Jennings is the all time Giants leader in punts and punt yardage. Some might say not exactly a category you want to be a leader in. However Jennings was a rare bright spot on mostly lousy teams.

Jennings is also a member of the Giants ring of honor. Jennings was the Giants punter for 10 years. After leaving the Giants Jennings just moved a few rooms down in the locker area by hooking up with the Jets. He kicked for the Jets from 1985 until he retired in 87. It was his next move that left an indelible foot print with the Jets.

Jennings joined hall of fame broadcaster Marty Glickman in the NY Jets broadcast booth and for this Jet fan was a treat to listen to. Bluntly honest and straight forward. In a profession that has a lot of homers, Jennings was straight forward and honest.

Jennings stayed with the Jets in the booth until 2000. He then went back to his roots, jumping to the Giants broadcast booth in 2001.


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