FOX NFL Insider Jay Glazer was not happy yesterday after watching Tom Coughlin and the Giants press conference:

What had him so fired up? We find out from

Giants general manager Jerry Reese still has his job. And on Tuesday, after Tom Coughlin's emotional press conference, he got to the podium and proceeded to say he took full responsibility for the team's struggles ... but that "I don't try to have full control of everything. Our coaching staff is involved, our personnel staff is involved, everybody's involved."

Glazer also had a tweet which said the following:

"What a chicken **** statement. Even if it's true, as GM you take full responsibility publicly, you esp don't blame the guy pushed out the door. RT @ProFootballTalk: Jerry Reese: I take responsibility for the personnel, but I'm not the only one"

To be honest, I agree with Glazer. That is not the time for Reese to deflect blame.


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