Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli caused quite a stir during last night's 5-2 win over Boston.

After a hitting a homerun in the 5th, Cervelli clapped his hands as he touched home plate.  The next time he was up to bat, Sox starter John Lackey drilled him in the back.

Was Cervelli's "celebration" being over the top?

No way.  His homerun "celebration” wasn’t a big deal.

He clapped! The guy had a big hit in a big game and he clapped.  He didn’t moonwalk.  He didn’t smash a pinata at 2nd base. It didn’t light off M-80’s while he was running around the bases.  He clapped once in excitement as he touched home plate. It was a clap - do I need to say it again?  A clap!  HE clapped.

They drilled him for that? Come on.  If I were a Yankee starting pitcher and everytime a Red Sox player pissed me off, and I drilled him, I would have bases loaded every inning.

The Yankees/Red Sox rivalry needs an injection of emotion.

Let’s face it – this rivalry hasn’t really had a spark since 2006 (6-game Yankee sweep in August).  Pedro Martinez is gone. Curt Schilling has retired. A-Rod isn’t as big of a chode now.  


There are no real villains in this series anymore. These teams don’t really hate each other. Half of them are friends. The other half want to be friends.  It’s all about prestige these days.  It’s too classy. I want hatred. Fights. Passion. Smack talk.

Not only that – but the public interest isn’t there when there are no real storylines.  Both of these teams are in the playoffs already. There’s really nothing to play for right now. Nothing's really on the line – so the care level isn’t as high.  It’s still Yankees vs. Red Sox but it doesn’t seem to have that “win at all cost” feeling to it.

Baseball should be happy about player showing passion.

Baseball needs to get off its high horse and let people show a little emotion when you're playing the last month of the season and you hit a jack to put your team ahead over your hated rivals.  

To 20-somethings, baseball’s image is that of an old-crusty -low-paced boring game.  The honor of the game argument is so lame.  It’s a game. Emotions are running high.  No big deal.  Enjoy it!

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