I love food and more than that, I love free food. If you're looking for where you can save some money on some of your favorite places to eat lunch, I can help you out!

Every month, Thrillist comes out with the list of places you can get free food. Most of the time a good number of them are places we don't have here in the Capital Region. Don't worry, I made it easier. I broke down the list, took out the disappointments because we don't have them, and here's where you can get free food this month. I recommend printing the list and posting it next to your desk at work, it'll make planning your lunch break a lot easier each day!

FEBRUARY 5: BurgerFi - Celebrating their anniversary, they have $5 BurgerFi cheeseburger, VegeFi, or chicken sandwich

FEBRUARY 6: It's National FroYo Day so TCBY is doing free 6oz yogurts and BurgerFi is giving away a free beverage with any purchase

FEBRUARY 7: BurgerFi will be having shakes for $2.50

FEBRUARY 8: BurgerFi is giving away a free order of fries with any purchase

FEBRUARY 10: Godiva is doing a free Dark Chocolate heart through February 16

THROUGHOUT the month: Wendy's will be offering a Giant Bacon Cheeseburger combo meal for $4, Burger King has a pancake deal for 89 cents, Popeye's has a $3.99 deal for a three-piece and a biscuit, every Wednesday Carrabba's has $10 off a bottle of wine and any pizza for $9.99, and Dunkin' is offering boxes of munchkins for $2!


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