Every fast food fanatic in Upstate New York should know this "nugget" of information about Wendy's.

The ever-popular fast food chain has announced a massive addition to their menu: you can now order a bucket filled to the brim with 50 chicken nuggets.

Here's an idea of what this tasty treat looks like:

Now, here's the key piece of information: you can't purchase this bucket of goodness at every Wendy's in the country. They're hard to find, but Wendy's has given you a way to track them down.

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McDonald's has McBroken for their ice cream machines, and now, Wendy's has WendysNuggsParty.com.

As noted in a report from New York Upstate, the "Nuggs Party Pack" is only available in four locations in Upstate New York. They are:

  • 2 Industrial Drive, Binghamton
  • 390 State Highway 10, Deposit
  • 7748 Route 53, Bath
  • 26586 Valentine Drive, Evans Mills
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Now, I know what you must be thinking: but Dan, how much will this monstrosity cost me? Must I take out a second mortgage on my home in order to afford chicken nuggets in this quantity?

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The answer to both, luckily, is no. The Nuggs Party Pack costs $14.99 at most locations across America. For context, it's about $17 cheaper to order the Party Pack than it is to buy five orders of the ten-piece nugget meal from Wendy's.

So, if you need to feed a small group of people in the near future, this deal might be for you!

(Or, you can eat all 50 yourself. I won't tell.)

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