Kaipo Pomaikai wasn't feeling so lucky when he was struck in the head by a fast-moving volleyball at his grandson's high school match. To make matters worse, when Kaiko Pomaikia was driving home from the game he started losing vision in his left eye. So Pomaikia went to the hospital, and that's when the story took quite a serendipitous turn.

The cat scan he got there revealed that he had an unruptured aneurysm on the right side of his brain, which doctors say probably would have killed him within the next few years, and they never would have detected it if the knock in his noggin hadn't sent him to the ER.

Fortunately it was able to be removed through surgery, and now Pomaikia wants to thank the teen who saved his life, but he doesn't know who he is. School officials are currently trying to figure out which which player hit the wayward shot.

"I believe in divine intervention, I really do," Pomaikia told KHON2. "Even the surgeon, the surgeon said, 'I'm not a Godly man, but whatever you doing, you ain't done yet.' "


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