It’s well documented that the Giants offense needs a lot of help this off-season but new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo’s first press conference with the New York media should make all fans much more nervous.

Here’s why.

McAdoo on the importance of a tight end in his offense:

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“They’re asked to do a lot of things in this league, whether it’s run blocking from the backfield, run blocking at the line, out in space, a lot of things in pass protection and then running routes, whether they’re an in-line guy or they’re in the slot or in the back. They have a lot on their plate. To me, it was always the best position to coach and in this offense it’s the best position to play because you have to learn how to do everything and you have to learn how to do it well at a high level. At the end of the day, you have to find players who you can plug in and figure out what they do best and make sure on the field that they’re doing what they do best.”

For the majority of his career at Green Bay, McAdoo had a guy named Jermichael Finley to handle all those responsibilities at one position.

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The Giants currently have two guys on their roster at tight end named Larry Donnel and Adrien Robinson. Never heard of them, right?

OK, next quote from McAdoo regards addressing the needs at running back:

“First and foremost, the runner needs to be able to protect the quarterback. He also needs to be able to run with the ball in his hands and do that well. You’d like to have a complete back.”

David Wilson, who’s status is currently unknown coming off of neck surgery, is the Giants starting running back. He cannot protect the quarterback or hang on to the football. Second string right now is 2013 draft pick Michael Cox who had every opportunity in the world to secure himself on the depth chart last year and did not.

So, the two positions that were talked about the most in McAdoo’s press conference? Tight end and running back.

The two positions the Giants need major help at? Tight end and running back.

And oh yeah, offensive line and wide receiver aren’t anything to write home about either.

This should be an interesting off-season.