The New York Giants signed former Cowboys special teams ace Dwayne Harris to a five-year, $17.5 million contract this off-season. Special teams coach Tom Quinn says they have first-hand knowledge of what he can bring. 

"It is good that it is someone we know so well," said Quinn, Saturday at the Giants facility. "[He] is someone who we played twice a year against all his time in Dallas.

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"He will add a good dimension. He is a returner that is also a gunner, so anytime you can get a guy that can do multiple jobs is a nice addition."

The Giants have said all along that they liked how Harris played against New York and that was a big piece to why they brought him in. Then, there's the natural ability that he has as well.

"[Harris] is decisive," said Quinn. "There isn’t a lot of wasted movement. He is physical. He has a good understanding of the return schemes and what is needed for each one. There is no hesitation.

"If he is catching the ball and you are running it to the right, he is going to get it to the right, which sets up all the blockers for him. They know where he is going to be. A lot of times when you are blocking, [the returner] is supposed to be over here, but the returner is running the wrong direction or in the middle and now your block is not set up for that. He is very decisive. He is a strong runner."

Harris will participate in all aspects of the Giants special teams. When asked if NFL sophomore sensation Odell Beckham Jr. would be returning kicks, Quinn said that's not up to him but added, "I think he wants to do it".

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