The New York Giants have always been predictable and comfortable within their own realm.

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After owner John Mara told the media a few weeks ago that the offense was "broken", it's clear that he and head coach Tom Coughlin feel that for the first time in over a decade, it's time to make a major change.

The Giants had a comfortable candidate in Tampa Bay's Mike Sullivan, a Coughlin predecessor and familiar with Manning and the receiving corps.

Instead, as ESPN New York's Dan Graziano wrote, the Giants shocked the world by hiring a guy that has no connections to the organization or Coughlin.

"We’re going to try to compromise the system with what we have here," Coughlin said, via the team's press release. "However, there will be change. And that change will be very positive and very well-received by our team and our players. And if our players are scrambling around to learn a new system – good. That’s another fire in their rear end.”

McAdoo, 36 years old, will most definitely bring a new personality and passion to the team. And apparently it's a kick to the butt that the front office and head coach felt was needed.

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