For those that have been on the 'Fire Tom Coughlin' train this week, the biggest reasoning has been, 'The Giants need a new voice!'

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Colin Cowherd of 'The Herd' is one that thinks the Giants should let Coughlin go after nine seasons.

"It's an Andy Reid situation where Tom Coughlin could go somewhere and win immediately and the Giants could get less of a coach and win tomorrow," said Cowherd, on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.

"Andy Reid is a better NFL coach than Chip Kelly but Chip Kelly was a new voice needed and Andy Reid was a new voice needed in Kansas City."

So if a different voice was talking to the players this year, Eli Manning wouldn't have had the worse year of his career? The offensive line suddenly would've played as one? The wide receivers catch the ball more consistently?

Long-time corner Corey Webster was put on season-ending IR on Wednesday. Of the 22 starters, he's the 7th to be go on IR this year.

So if a 'new voice' is in New York, guys are healthier too? Not likely.

The 67-year old Coughlin isn't going anywhere but some of those guys that can't hang onto the football? Or the individuals that Coughlin hinted weren't giving their full effort?