I decided to compile a list of Quarterbacks that could be available to the New York Giants right now. Many fans would like to move on from Eli Manning this season, instead of having him mentor a young QB in a final season for Big Blue. With that in mind, I put three sections together for you to take a look at.

Section One: The Draft

With the 6th and 17th picks in the first round of the draft, the Giants have multiple options here.

Kyler Murray: I personally don't love this option but if the Giants decided they really wanted Murray to be the future of the franchise, packaging the 6th, 17th and 37th(2nd round) could get you Arizona's #1 pick.

Dwayne Haskins: Haskins could be available at the 6th spot if so boom you got your man. However, you might need to move up to 3(NYJ) or 4(OAK) to keep any other team from jumping ahead of you and picking the OSU QB for themselves.

Daniel Jones: The Duke QB appears to be on Giant's GM Dave Gettleman's radar. If Jones is in fact who the Giants want he would easily be there at 6 and potentially still there at 17 if the Giants felt like gambling.

After those three the water gets a little murky. I know Missouri QB Drew Lock is highly coveted by some teams but I don't know if the Giants are one of those teams. Any other target would be a project and not worth a first-round pick. Also, any \one else would make the Giants fan base go ballistic.

Section Two: Trade for Josh Rosen.

With Josh Rosen you kind of get the best of both worlds. He's a young QB that could sit behind Eli for a year then take the reigns and he has some NFL experience. Rumors are swirling that the Washington Redskins are working on getting Rosen. If that's true his price could be driven up.

Section Three: Trade for Eli replacement RIGHT NOW!

This is the longest shot on the board for me. John Mara and Steve Tisch own the Giants and love Eli so the idea of Manning not getting this season to try and win and get a legit farewell is unlikely. Plus Eli would have to accept a trade making this even more unlikely. However, here's three names that could potentially be available.

Derek Carr: The rumor has been out there since Derek Carr cried on the field that Oakland Raiders head coach John Gruden would like to go in a different direction. So the Giants could potentially work out a deal that would send Eli and let's say the 17th pick the Raiders for Carr and possibly the Raiders' 2nd round pick.

Matthew Stafford: For some reason, Matthew Stafford is also subject to trade rumors. This one would be super tough because would Eli agree to go to Detroit? I doubt it but Stafford is legit and would make the Giants better almost instantly.

Andy Dalton: Here's my dark horse and craziest of all my theories, Andy Dalton is DONE in Cincinnati. He doesn't have the strongest arm but you really don't need that with Pat Shurmur's offense. Plus you could basically steal him for as low as a 3rd or 4th round pick if the Bengals draft a QB this year and decide to throw him into the starting role right away.

This is the part where I see if you really read all of this. For me, the only true options are Haskins or Jones in the draft or trade for Rosen if the price is right. Other than that Eli will get his farewell tour and the bad news for you haters is it might actually be next season, not this season. You read that right, Eli might still be the Giants' starting QB for the 2020 season.

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