It was a big victory on Sunday for the Giants as they beat the Cowboys for the first time since 2012. 

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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"I didn’t even realize that we hadn't beat them since 2012," said Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz, on 104.5 The Team. "After the game, Justin Pugh said to me, "It’s nice to finally beat these guys". He was a little more animated that that obviously, but I hadn’t realized that.

"We beat them at home, in a game that means a lot in our division. A win like that is almost a double victory because we won a game in the division and beating a team we haven’t beaten in a couple of years who is our division rival, so it was a great win."

The first game of the season saw the Giants in Dallas, where the G-Men squandered a large fourth quarter lead and the Cowboys won in the final minute.

"I feel like things have changed. We were able to finish games better than we were back then ... We’re 4-3 right now we’re on top of our division."

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