Some weeks are better than others when investing in college football games. Last week... was a rough one. An 0-3 performance. My record now stands at 7-11 on the season. What happened? I was 3-0 to start the year, then 4-2! I have gone 3-9 since Week 2 of the season. So sometimes you have to go back and learn your strengths and weaknesses. Six of my seven winners have been picking non power five conference teams. I'll offer you two of those games below. Plus the undefeated week, I filmed it from my house. I'm going to back to my couch to deliever this week's picks. A 4-0 is on the way!  What picks do you like this weekend? What games are you staying away from? To find out my picks, watch the video below.  Maybe one day this video will be sponsored.. i hope


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