5:30pm I have arrived. For the fourth year in a row I will be representing the Capital Region in New York City for the Heisman Trophy event.

6:02pm The three 2018 Heisman Trophy finalist have arrived. Ohio State's quarterback Dwayne Haskins, Oklahoma's Kyler Murray and Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa


6:15pm All three Heisman Trophy finalists posing with the Heisman Trophy


6:20 Round table with all 3 Heisman candidates begin

6:25 Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa

The Crimson Tide QB discussed how becoming the first Heisman Trophy winner in Alabama history would be really cool. He is honored just to be mentioned with players of the past. Plus he confessed his outfit came together with the help from a lot of other people


6:30pm Ohio State Quarterback Dwayne Haskins posing with a kid and answering questions from the media.

The media here is not pulling any punches. First question when Haskins sat down was "Are you going to declare for the NFL?" followed up by "How do you believe your game translates to the NFL?". He handled both questions like a soon to be professional and said he is focused on the upcoming Rose Bowl.

dwayne 2

6:35 Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray. First and foremost, I've covered this event for four years and no candidate has ever been more soft spoken than Murray. I was standing right next to him and could barely hear him answering questions. Every athlete reacts different to media. As for the questions, Murray was asked by one media member if "Would you be surprised now after the movement involving wagers and odds if you didn't win the Heisman?". Hard to hear his response but it seemed like he hinted like it had no effect on him. Also the media session wrapped and Murray was fielding the most questions. Below I featured a picture of both intial media scrums around the players. In past years, the most media at one player is the most likely winner. It is without question the closest it has ever been but Tua had a slight edge with media members.


6:42pm The three finalists are out and getting ready for the 8pm ceremony. I'll check back with you here following the ceremony.

9:06 pm Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray wins the Heisman Trophy

9:39pm Kyler Murray arrives for Q&A after winning this year's trophy. Murray discussed the battles he had to go through after transferring from Texas A&M, believed he could be here. He would not guarantee his future in major league baseball. Thanked Tua's family for showing him support following the announcement.

kyler 2

9:50pm. Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley now takes the podium. Coach was asked what it means to coach back to back Heisman winning quarterbacks. He said he hasn't really thought about it yet but one day he will have time to reflect on what it means. Right now his focus is the college football playoff game. Later Coach was asked about handling Murray being on the bench last season. He credited Murray for being patient and working to be the best. Interesting that Coach noted that Murray's plays in the 4th quarter were his "Heisman moments". I noted in my official Heisman trophy ballot that the Texas game was the reason I did not vote for Murray.


9:59pm. Your 2018 Heisman Trophy winner Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray.


Thank you for following along tonight. Remember we will discuss tonight's ceremony 2-7pm tomorrow on 1045 The Team and the FREE 1045 The Team app.

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