For almost my entire life as a sports fan, I have been a Syracuse football fan. For two decades plus my family has been season ticket holders for the Orange (and in the past Orangemen). Even though I moved out here to the Capital Region in 2015, I still do my best to travel west two hours to attend Orange home games and of course the pregame tailgates. My crew that sits in Section 311 continues to put a great tailgate experience each home game. This season like many other football fans, our crew has had to get creative. Below are some photos from our "home tailgate" from this past Saturday

Before I left for Syracuse, I had to take a picture of the Syracuse flag that flies from outside my house


Despite the tailgate moving from the usual parking lot to a backyard, the games were still ready to go

untitled 4
untitled 5

Each tailgate setup has their own traditions too. Our crew has always had two noticeable ones. One is the Pirate flag that flies high above the setup in the parking lot. If you are ever trying to enjoy a cold one with the guys from Solvay, look for the flag

untitled 3

Plus we have the bottle opener challenge. It's not as simple as just cracking up a beer. Drop your bottle cap into the Plinko style board and find out what's next. Is it a partner drink swig? Are you going to wear a Syracuse turnover chain? Is someone going to chest slap you like Ric Flair?

untitled 6

Of course for a great tailgate you need great food!

untitled 2

Of course the drinks and laughs were flowing as always. Maybe for some people a little too much? (no this is not me!)


The most popular questions I know I'll get is. "Goz where the pictures of your crew?" and "Goz what's the TV setup like?". Well during these times I'm happy to say my friends and family had a great time while staying safe! Plus the Orange came away with a victory as well!

untitled out

How would you grade the home tailgate? Success or failure? Maybe I needed to do a better job taking pictures?! Share some of your home tailgate setups and leave us your thoughts on my home tailgate below here on the FREE 104.5 The Team app

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