Take a ride on Greezed Lighting…

The newest ride at the GREAT ESCAPE in Queensbury, which opens May 14, is GREEZED LIGHTING; a fast roller coaster-type ride as described on the Great Escape's website:

In 2016, The Great Escape will debut a brand new looping coaster, Greezed Lightnin'.
The ride will feature an astonishing seven-story loop and deliver incredible weightless hang time you've never experienced before. On this new adventure, you'll swing back and forth pendulum style up each side of the loop, and then flip completely upside down during a series of stomach-tightening 360-degree looping revolutions.

At any surprising moment, your train will suddenly change directions and send you back around full-speed in reverse. You'll experience one gut-wrenching loop after the next with plenty of adrenaline and suspense. Greezed Lightnin' will fit in our historic retro area of the park with a flashy ‘50s theme adorned with lights and flames.

Can't wait!

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